The Ultimate Homeowners Guide – Part 3

February 28, 2020

9 of the Biggest Mistakes New Homeowners Make

As a homeowner, you want to do all you can to make sure your investment keeps its value (or increases in value!). That means you don’t want to make any of these mistakes.

9. Lazy layout

Just because the property was used or labelled to be used in one way, doesn’t mean you can’t change things.

8. Skipping Fire Safety

Fire isn’t a common occurrence in Malta, but as the saying goes you’re better off safe than sorry. Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen (the most common starting place for a fire). 

7. Last Minute Landscaping

Achieving the full potential of your garden can take years. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have the lush outdoor space you desire. 

6. Ambitious Home Improvement

Taking on a remodelling plan that is too ambitious can quickly go downhill. Keep within your budget and your time restrictions and only take on projects that you are certain you can accomplish.

5. Rush Job

Don’t get things done excessively quickly just to be done. Your home is a work in progress, it may remain that way for a long time. And that’s ok.

4. Too Much Too Soon

Don’t overload yourself trying to get all the painting, decorating, soft furnishing, and appliances in at the same time. Approach your home in a structured way – we suggest room by room.

3. On The Cheap

We love a good deal, but going with the cheapest supplies often backfires, forcing you to spend more on replacement items. Stick to your budget and look for good feedback from others.

2. DIY Disaster

DIY can be great when you have the necessary skills, but sometimes you just have to call an expert. One DIY disaster we were happy to avoid: leaving the power on while working on the electrics. 

1. Avoiding Routine Maintenance

By far the worst offence you could do to your new home is procrastinating on maintenance. We suggest preparing a maintenance calendar and going room by room to set down what needs to be done and when. Remember, a little work here and there saves your plenty of time and avoids huge time-draining disasters. 

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